Quick and easy way to boost your focus

If you are someone who looses focus again and again. Struggles with doing something consistently; then you are not alone. We all face numerous distractions during work and what it does is decrease our ability to do one thing continuously. You might switch tabs or feel like you need to check your email one more time or that skype message might be something important and you should pause what you are doing and look at it. The fact is all of this will kill the focus that you had just formed and to get back at what you were doing with the same level of concentration will take more than just a few mins.



How I got through this is by using Focus booster. Its a simple and helpful tool that enables you to time yourself and boost your focus. When you need to get something done and cannot afford to get distracted set a time and when you see the time slipping by on focus booster you will somehow see more value in it and letting it slip by wont be easy. Each minute counts!


I also use it daily by setting it to 25 minute sessions of work followed by 5 min breaks, I call this “Power working”. I got more done in 3 to 4 sessions of power work than with my normal 8 hour day trying to work continuously and not loose focus. So try this out and tell me if you saw any improvements and differences in your productivity.  All the best!


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