You want to build your own Company? Product? NOW IS THE TIME TO START!

Yes the time is NOW. period. period. Have you been thinking of that wild idea that came into your mind and has been stuck there, sounds like something must be good about it en? Well you should find it out then.

We all come up with ideas, don’t think you are the only one; but you know who succeeds? The ones that make something of it. Success is not defined by how much money you make out of it or how famous your new revolutionary idea gets. It is defined by you accomplishing the fact that you turned an idea into something real, that’s the first step of success. Trust me or not? You will fail, yes i’m giving it straight to you; you absolutely have to fail because failure is the only option when you want to succeed. The realistic not the ideal ladder goes like fail>fail>fail>fail>fail>SUCCESS!

Don’t believe me yet, well let me tell you I have failed at more ideas than I can count but did I stop trying? no because yes I might be very close. I built Facebook apps; got a lot of visitors but wasn’t able to convert them, built joke websites; again got a good amount of people on them but guess what? Adsense is not a fan of content less websites, built a resume rating network that took off in the African and Asian regions; almost got sued cause a loaded with cash company thought we stole their idea or what; didnt have the cash to battle in court and had to shut it down, no worries onto the next project because each time anything failed it was not I who failed I always succeeded cause I learnt something new and took some valuable experience along the way that will guide me on my next project. Curious if I have stopped after so many failures or not? Well am I preaching you to stop or to keep going? One must keep going and that is what I’m doing.

Dispatch Survey is my current project that i’m really looking forward to mass market. Its a service that lets you utilize your existing social network connections and get some good info about yourself (Personality, Social standing, looks etc ) out of them. Gives you personalized and actionable reports. Its still in beta so don’t kill me if something goes wrong, just fill in a contact form for us and we will be happy to fix our mistakes.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!


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