Fix for Error: Field ‘Company’ and ‘Lot ID’ must be filled in”

When editing a PO line for procurement category you receive Field ‘Company’ and ‘Lot ID’ must be filled in” error. This usually happens when you have brought in the PO line through some form of integration either AIF, excel plugin etc.

This error has also been seen on salesLine and there is a hotfix(KB 2756645) for when it happens on salesline.



There is no record in PurchLineForeignTradeCategory table related to PO line added.



Create a record against the PO line causing this error in the PurchLineFroeignTradeCategory table in your integration and you will see the error disappear.


5 thoughts on “Fix for Error: Field ‘Company’ and ‘Lot ID’ must be filled in”

  1. Hi Mohsin,

    I am facing this issue while updating the Unit price on the PO line.
    I have manually created a PO line without ItemId (Only given the Procurement Category), the line created successfully, but when try to update the Unit price on PO line, this error is coming.
    I found that the “PurchLineDataAreaId” & “PurchLineInventTransId” value from table “PurchLineForeignTradeCategory” is missing while updating the unitPrice.
    I am unable to find at what point these values are getting deleted from “PurchLineForeignTradeCategory” table.

    Can you please guide on this?


  2. Hi,
    I’m having this error when creating POs through AIF, using a custom services, I have been trying to add the PurchLineForeignTradeCategory table to the query so it gets exposed on the web service, but can’t get it to work.

    Any ideas on how should I be doing what’s recomended on this post??

    Thanks so much


    • Hi Juan; Make sure that the trade category table inserts records against the PO after PO has been created.


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