Debugging without a startup project or startup Object in D365

To debug without setting up a startup project and startup object in D365 fotr operations. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your object in visual studio
  2. Place breakpoints
  3. Goto Debug>attach to process and check show processes from all users
  4. Select w3wp.exe and click attach.


You can execute your process now from the client and execution will be stopped at your breakpoints.



One thought on “Debugging without a startup project or startup Object in D365

  1. […] (*): If you want to do execute some specific code, you’ll need to create a class with a main method , place your code  in the main method and set the class as the default startup Object of your project and set your project as start up project of your solution, then run the solution, which will execute the class. [Check links: 1. Getting started   & 2. Debugging without a startup object] […]


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