Podcast Episode #05 Ways to stay updated with new Dynamics 365 Power Platform changes

At one point we all have questioned ourselves on how can a person stay updated with all the new functionality and changes coming out of the platform. With 2 major release a year, there is a lot to consume and if you aren’t staying aware of what’s coming out or came out you might be missing out on using some cool functionality that would have made your life and implementation easier. In this episode me and Rich discuss the different ways you can stay connected and updated with ease, enjoy!



The podcast on Dynamics 365 Power Platform Episode # 01

Me and a colleague( Dick Clark ) of mine have started our learning podcast focused on Dynamics 365 and the power platform. This is intended towards beginners and those who would like to learn more about the new features coming out and the basics on how to get started. We hope to create awareness about low code initiatives for you to join and discuss core concepts of Dynamics 365 applications and architecture. Join us for some fun and friendly talk about our experiences and topics that we are passionate about. Our first episode is out now! You can also follow us on the podcast channel https://powerplatformpod.com/the-podcast/


Episode 01: The Intro


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