How to assign power automate per flow plan to your flow

Since Microsoft came out with their new licensing around the Power platform breaking the power apps licenses and power automate licenses apart there has been a lot of questions in the community forums and generally on how are power automates getting licensed. Short answer to that question is there are now two licensing options available if someone would like to enjoy the power of power automate and power automate is not included in the license options for power apps.

  1. Power automate per user plan
  2. Power automate per Flow plan


The per user plan is quite self explanatory and the license is assigned to the user like the previous power apps plan 1 and plan 2 licenses, this has a lower limit than the expensive per flow plan but does allow that particular user to create unlimited number of flows for themselves. The power automate per Flow plan has a different process of assignment to the Flow. In order to assign the per flow plan to your flow. First you have to procure the license which comes in a bundle of 5( yes you have to buy minimum 5 flows costing $500/ month) and then you can buy an additional each for $100. Once the licenses are visible in your tenant. You will start to see the below Add on option in your Admin power platform portal under capacity.


Under Add-ons you will see all the flow licenses you purchased and will get the option to assign to one of your CDS environments

Select the environment you will be running your flows in, assign the number of flows and click on Save. Once done goto your flow in that environment and click on edit. The Per-flow option that is disable by default will become available.

With flow capacity assigned:


For more info on flow licensing. please visit

I also recommend you take the time and read the latest (As of July 2020) licensing guide,