Colosseum Rome

Travel section contains all of my travelling experiences that I have penned down. Following are the countries I have been to, hopefully I keep on adding to this list.


  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Vatican City State
  • Belgium

Asia and Oceania

  • Pakistan (My home)
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia


  • Kenya

Middle East

  • Dubai
  • Saudia Arabia

I keep planning for new places to visit and with this blog I intend to share my insight and experience of all the places I visit. When i’m not travelling I provide technical consultancy to large corporations that are interested in Microsoft’s Dynamics Ax ERP, so following my blog you will find a lot of posts coming from those areas too, however if you are interested in all my travel experiences

Click here to go to all my travel posts.


7 thoughts on “Travel

      • Mohsin Khalid — Excellent site very informative well done. Be blessed — Am 70 and planning a road trip to UK using my own Toyota Corolla car. Wanted to know about Transit Visa Shengen area as have to cross Romania, Austria, Germany, Belgium /France to reach London starting Mar 19. Estaimate travel time is about a week and have space for 3 co drivers also.

        I already have a valid multi entry visitors visa valid upto sept 2020. Would be wonderful to connect and exchange information. Am reachable via +92 3138607090 whats app SKYPE professor.shamshad


  1. Hello bro thank you so much to share with us about your great experience of Europe Tour and all the information about visa. I’m from Karachi, Pakistan but living in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m studying here Software Engineering. My elder brother is Turkish Citizen and he has a small business here so he is supporting me for education and all other expenses. I have Turkish Residence Permit and Pakistani Passport. I have traveled Dubai and Thailand before Turkey and now i’m planning to visit some European Countries to see the beauty of this world. I tried to find on many websites about the procedure and how to apply for Italy Schengen Visa from Turkey. But i didn’t find any helpful information. Can you please tell me some information and chances of getting visa? Is it easy for students? I’m looking forward to your response.


    • Go to the consulate website of the country in Europe you are planning to visit, you should find all info there.


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