Podcast Episode #05 Ways to stay updated with new Dynamics 365 Power Platform changes

At one point we all have questioned ourselves on how can a person stay updated with all the new functionality and changes coming out of the platform. With 2 major release a year, there is a lot to consume and if you aren’t staying aware of what’s coming out or came out you might be missing out on using some cool functionality that would have made your life and implementation easier. In this episode me and Rich discuss the different ways you can stay connected and updated with ease, enjoy!



Episode #04 Community license is for you

In episode 4 we talk about what is the community plan that is offered by Microsoft and how it is the perfect plan for you whether you are an end user, customer, developer, consultant or Architect for the power platform. Best place to try out new functionality. Found here https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/communityplan/ anyone with an office 365 account can join and start benefiting. Note at the time of recording the option to delete a developer environment was not available but it is now 🙂 Enjoy!





Episode #03 The New Power Platform Solution Import Experience and somethings to watch out for

Welcome to episode 3 of the PowerPlatformPod! In this one we talk about the recently announced solution import experience, what’s part of it and how it eases application lifecycle management.

Episode 03: New Power Platform Solution Experience

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Episode # 02 Administration and customization Portals

Long over due episode 2 of the Power Platform Pod, in this one we talk about the different past and present administration/customizations areas available on the power platform and try to simplify which ones to use when. Enjoy!

Episode 02: Administration and customization Portals

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