Removing a module from Standard acceptance Test Environments in Dynamics Finance and Operations

A lot of blogs out there as well as an msdn post about how to uninstall or remove a package from the standard acceptance test Teir 2 environments mentioning the process are available. I here will address what is not mentioned in all of those and I learnt after going through the process myself with Microsoft operations team.

Problem: When you upload a deployable package LCS gives out a generic error saying

“Unknown error occurred during package deployment. Please try again later. If the issue persists, contact support.”



Creating packages with the module to remove name being placed in  ModuleToRemove.txt file being placed in the scripts folder of the deployable package is not enough if the package only contains the module you are trying to remove. In order for removal to work the package should contain all other packages while only the ModuleToRemove.txt file will contain the name of the module to remove. When you apply the package created in this order LCS actually prompts a window saying your package will remove the below mentioned modules from the environment and makes your confirm it one more time before beginning deployment.

In the Operation team’s own words:

“The error we’re seeing in LCS is that the package has no modules. That’s not supported and so I’d like to clarify with the customer what they are trying to do in this scenario. If they really want to remove all modules, can they just redeploy the environment instead? If they are trying to remove one specific module but have multiple installed, the package should still contain the others they’d like to keep. For example, if they have modules A, B, and C installed, and are trying to remove module C, the package should just contain modules A and B and then C would get wiped out.”

Surprisingly you cannot just remove all packages and MS recommends redeploying the environment in order to do so but you would loose you data wouldn’t you? Here’s there response to that

If you just want to remove one of those, you can create a new package with the other module and follow the same steps linked in the documentation to remove the unwanted one (adding an entry to the ModuleToRemove.txt)

If you want to remove them both but keep your data, you can export the database to the asset library before redeploying the environment. That way you can import the database after creating a new environment.”


Pakistani Rupee gets a record high uplift 1 USD = 76 PKR


Yes that’s what google shows right now and people are going crazy, twitter is going crazy and if you are a Pakistani you should be going crazy too. Is it true or is it a software bug, you just want to see this happen so bad that you want to believe it and live it. Its not only against the USD the rupee has risen its against the pound the euro and all other currencies. Someone at google has give the Pakistani rupee the value they want it to have!

Last but not the least, even Bing shows the same 😀


Tip for adding an element to an existing Base enum in AX 2012

Witnessed a scenario where an isv solution had modified an existing sys enum to add more values for its use and new elements value  was only increased by +1. This is a bad design practice and can cause issues further down the road when its time for an upgrade and Microsoft adds new elments to that enum so you do not want to be in that situation. Therefore the best practice is to add your element with a value that starts with +100.

So for example i have this ABC enum and its C element’s Enum value is 3:



If my customization requires me to add values to this I should start at 103:


This will prevent any future upgrade conflicts that can be a nightmare for someone doing an upgrade.

Fix for Error: Field ‘Company’ and ‘Lot ID’ must be filled in”

When editing a PO line for procurement category you receive Field ‘Company’ and ‘Lot ID’ must be filled in” error. This usually happens when you have brought in the PO line through some form of integration either AIF, excel plugin etc.

This error has also been seen on salesLine and there is a hotfix(KB 2756645) for when it happens on salesline.



There is no record in PurchLineForeignTradeCategory table related to PO line added.



Create a record against the PO line causing this error in the PurchLineFroeignTradeCategory table in your integration and you will see the error disappear.

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This is the rule I follow, the rule that has helped me learn about things I knew nothing about. So whether it be about that new programming language you just heard of or a how to make a wooden table video you came across, if it gives you knowledge that you didn’t have before, I say take it! and one day you will be thankful for it.

The website that you “SHOULD” start visiting

A million books to read and a million sites to visit but which is the one that you shouldn’t be missing? Everyone has their own recommendation and this is mine.


Reddit is truly the front page of the internet, if you are not getting a look at its front page at least then you sure are missing out on some good knowledge. Why did our Grandparents read news papers? even the ones that didn’t read the whole paper looked at the front page to see what was going on in the world right? Our parents somewhat still do the same but do we? i’m sure the answer is no for many of us. So instead of browsing and looking at your filtered news feed  on facebook go check out the front page of the internet and you just might get to know something amazing.  Bare in mind to make reddit a good place to spend your time on you need to subscribe to subreddits of your interest and unsubscribe to the ones that dont interest you among the default subreddits. Go check it out my favorite sub is  Today I learned

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You want to build your own Company? Product? NOW IS THE TIME TO START!

Yes the time is NOW. period. period. Have you been thinking of that wild idea that came into your mind and has been stuck there, sounds like something must be good about it en? Well you should find it out then.

We all come up with ideas, don’t think you are the only one; but you know who succeeds? The ones that make something of it. Success is not defined by how much money you make out of it or how famous your new revolutionary idea gets. It is defined by you accomplishing the fact that you turned an idea into something real, that’s the first step of success. Trust me or not? You will fail, yes i’m giving it straight to you; you absolutely have to fail because failure is the only option when you want to succeed. The realistic not the ideal ladder goes like fail>fail>fail>fail>fail>SUCCESS!

Don’t believe me yet, well let me tell you I have failed at more ideas than I can count but did I stop trying? no because yes I might be very close. I built Facebook apps; got a lot of visitors but wasn’t able to convert them, built joke websites; again got a good amount of people on them but guess what? Adsense is not a fan of content less websites, built a resume rating network that took off in the African and Asian regions; almost got sued cause a loaded with cash company thought we stole their idea or what; didnt have the cash to battle in court and had to shut it down, no worries onto the next project because each time anything failed it was not I who failed I always succeeded cause I learnt something new and took some valuable experience along the way that will guide me on my next project. Curious if I have stopped after so many failures or not? Well am I preaching you to stop or to keep going? One must keep going and that is what I’m doing.

Dispatch Survey is my current project that i’m really looking forward to mass market. Its a service that lets you utilize your existing social network connections and get some good info about yourself (Personality, Social standing, looks etc ) out of them. Gives you personalized and actionable reports. Its still in beta so don’t kill me if something goes wrong, just fill in a contact form for us and we will be happy to fix our mistakes.

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