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Mohsin started his career with the Microsoft product team contributing to the Dynamics product. He went on to lead 35+ successful implementations of the Dynamics ERP and CRM product suite with various Microsoft partners. He Is a Microsoft Power Platform Recognized Solution Architect for Power Platform and is known to navigate the Microsoft Business applications world very well. He is the founder of Imperium Dynamics and is a champion of ergonomic and user centered design.

His passion is enabling people and businesses to perform better with the help of technology adoption.

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24 thoughts on “About me

  1. hey
    i read all details and its really helpfull. i am from pakistan but living in turkey istanbul since 1 year and having my residence permit and stuff. i want to apply for schengen visa but not have any idea where to start and how to start. could you please help me in this regard. it will be appreciated


  2. Hello brother!
    First of all I’ve read your all blogs regarding your Europe tour and the way you explain was damn good. Always keep the good work up.
    Secondly i wanted to know about my chances of visit visa I’ve applied through NEtherland and my first destination is Amsterdam total 20 days 5 days in each country which are netherland Germany France Switzerland i run my own construction business
    these are the documents I’ve submitted:
    1- Personal bank account statement (6 months) with bank maintenance certificate
    2- Business bank account statement (6 months) with bank maintenance certificate
    3- NIC
    4- FRC
    5- PEC business registration certificate showing my company name
    6- Confirmed Air tickets
    7- Confirmed Hotel bookings
    8- pictures as required
    9- Travel insurance
    10- NTN and TAX Return of last year

    *Travel history:
    Thailand Malaysia Singapore Saudi Arab UAE

    Will wait for your response.
    Stay Blessed.

    Thank You.
    Babar Ali Shaikh

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      • AoA.
        Bro by the grace of Allah i’ve got my visa.
        I’m planning to go europe for 25 days so my question is do i need to show the bookings 9f 25 days or i can just show booking of entring state which is amsterdam.

        Waiting for your response brother.

        Thank you.
        Babar Ali Shaikj


        • Wallaikumsallam

          Congratulations; sorry for the late response. I dont really get your question ; if you are going to Amsterdam then show booking for there; since you have already obtained the visa you should not worry about showing any booking and keeps documents to where you are actually going to stay; if its at a friends place then keep an invite letter form him and his address


  3. assalam o alykum brother, i wish and want visit Estonia some days and my friend living in Estonia citizen if she send me invitation letter possible i easily get visit visa of Estonia please help me and guide me how possible i can get some days visit visa own self or if she send me invitation letter by email and also embassy then possible i get easily visit visa and pass my invitation letter visa and they
    Estonia stamp my passport. if she send me invitation what i need papers and if i own self apply what i need and requirement papers please tell me, thanks, my whats-app number is 00923017744576. imran ahmed Bahawalpur city. reply me soon, don,t ignore me, thanks


  4. It was a pleasure working with you sir at Mazik Global . By the way kahan hoty hain aap aj kal ..


    • The feeling is shared Zohaib, I’m going strong at Mazik and have moved into a Technical consultant Role. These days i’m getting my hands dirty with the new Dynamics AX 365 for operations release.


  5. Hi,

    Aoa Mr. Mohsin, first of all thankyou so much for posting your travel and visa exp pertaining to Shenzhen Visa… It was a great help for me and I also got to talk to Mr. Amjad Ali for some basic info. I was interested in knowing about your shopping experience in Rome n Paris?

    For how long did you stay in these 2 cities? Did you get a chance to explore streets in city centers? How was your shopping experience? Did you find any good shops/ malls to buy souvenirs? I couldn’t find much help while searching online for these details, if you could provide with any info that could be of any help, I will really appreciate that.



    • Wallaikumsallam; Thank you for the kind words Soniya, unfortunately i wouldnt be of much help regarding the shopping department as I didn’t do any planned shopping, I was out to explore. However there were interesting shops around the vatican in Rome and Paris has several good malls all over and is really a paradise for shoppers, I only went to Galleries La Fayette and that was enough for me.
      You should checkout this list https://www.airbnb.com/things-to-do/paris/shopping/shopping-mall
      All the best!


  6. Assalamualaikum… I’m a italian citizen and invited my cousin to visit italy and i give all the documents they need to give the visa,but they refused saying that he will never come to pakistan back.
    So kindly can you help me giving me some advise to re-try for the visa with more success rate maybe this time?


    • Wallaikumsallam
      Yes that can happen if your cousin does not have a stable job or income to show his strong position in Pakistan. Make sure he is giving the consulate letters from his employer stating his continued employment and leave of absence till he will be in Italy as well as a good bank statement.


  7. Good Day Sir,
    i want Schengen visa or visit visa for country of Spain.so in this case you can help me?waiting for your reply by mail.Thanks


  8. AOA Mohsin khalid bhai…..i want to visit Europe through schengen visa . i am a govt employee. please let me know that which country will be best to get its shengen visa easily..secondly what documents should i show to the embassy for strong case. how much bank statement should i show for 10 days visit. also guide me about tax NTN certificate etc…i will be greatful to u. thx


  9. Assalamualaikum…. could u plz share how i can get tax certificate from pakistan n where to apply, + Bank account holding certificate, would b very greatful if u show me any example if its convenient for u,
    thnx n take care


    • Wallaikumsallam if you are registered and paying tax your employer would have you NTN certificate take it from them. For bank account just reach out to the branch you have the account in and ask them for it.


  10. Hello bro i hope you are fine and healthy. First of all thank you so much for sharing with us your great experience of Europe Tour and for all the visa information. I’m from Pakistan but living in Istanbul, Turkey. Right now i’m student here and studying Software Engineering. I have Turkish Residence Permit and Pakistani passport. My elder brother is Turkish citizen and he has a small business here. I have traveled Dubai and Thailand before Turkey and now I’m interested to visit some European countries to see the beauty of this world. My first destination will be Italy. So i just want to know do you think i will get the visa easily? Looking forward to your response.


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