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MohsinKhalid is a personal career, lifestyle and travel blog. It’s my outlet to share thoughts and experiences on the work I do, the places I go and the tips I have in general about life.

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12 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Hi,
    thanks for sharing useful information. I was really looking for useful information.actually my family is visiting my father in spain as per family reunion policy because of over age I couldnt fall in that policy but I want to go by applying visit visa so how can I? I am working here currently. Plus if you plese share your email adress


  2. I m Farooq, want to see Europe (Schengen countries) please advise me which country of schengen is easy to get visa. Please..


  3. Asslam-0-Alikum. first of all i want to say that you shared a very useful information in a very good way.secondly i want to ask that i am planning to attend a conference on public health in Italy in Oct and i want to take one person with me on this conference. she is just a friend and she is not doing job anywhere. so could you please suggest that what is the best way or option to take her with me. your suggestion will be a great help.
    kind regards
    Dr Sajid


    • Thank you for the compliments. I’m no consultant so please don’t take my advice as the final word but in my opinion If she doesn’t have a purpose other than going with you then i’m afraid its going to be hard for her to get a visa as you two are not related. However If she doesn’t have a job but has any dependents here like kids or a husband and a good bank balance (above 500K+) then she should apply alone for a vacation purpose, that can increase her chances to get a visa.


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