How to create a new solution in Dynamics CRM and Power Platform

Solution’s are used to transfer and release functionality in a packaged manner for other environments to be imported to. This approach applies to the Power Platform Make portal and the Dynamics customization(old interface) for creating solutions. To make it easier I will mention navigation for both.

In order to create a solution in the power platform, navigate to and select the correct environment on the top right.

This will open up your environments context. After this click on the solution module on the left navigation pane and then New Solution.

Give it the solution name you’d like and either select or create a new Publisher(this will be the entity that is releasing the solution, for e.g partner name if an isv). The version can be changed manually, Microsoft recommends start from 9 as that’s the current CRM version we are on; the remaining parts can be decided by you .0.0.0.


Once you click create an unmanaged solution will be created in your environment. The shortest way to explain an unmanaged solution is through the new MS info about it so as per Microsoft documentation “An unmanaged solution is one that is still under development or isn’t intended to be distributed. When the unmanaged solution is complete and you want to distribute it, export it and package it as a managed solution.”



From here you can add all your existing components like power automates, canvas apps etc to your solution and create new ones inside the solution as well to package.


In order to create a solution from the old interface, follow steps below:

Goto your CDS/Dynamics environment url and click on advance settings:

From here goto settings>solutions


Click on new solution and same fields would be inserted as we did above when creating solution from make power apps portal


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